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GREAT JOB KEEP IT UP !!!! the gameplay was very good and the level is the same as doom (the original) i would change the text fond to an 8 bit one but over all great job

Thank you.

bruh its even worse than the original game

Well it was made in a few days vs the original taking a team about 2 years.  Try Unity and see if you can do better?

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i don't have unity and i haven't made any games with unity







it is soooooooo bad


When compared to the original 1993 version or the remade 2016 version or the new Doom Eternal 2020 version?

all of them

I would rather play doom in wolfenstien 3d

Como assim?


No it sucks compare it to Doom Eternal

What it just needs a AAA budget and staff to work on it for about 2 years and it could compete with Doom Eternal.

no it is pretty good


one word to say this game:trash


Could you be more specific and have you seen the original Doom for comparison?