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are you serious? I cannot recoup my losses, and the instructions given are terribly vague. I'm sorry, the idea is good, but the execution is done quite poorly. 2/10.

What makes this is a game? Seems incomplete. What is the objective? How does one earn back money from installations completed and KW produced? 

It was a quick Ludum Dare project that then got worked on a bit then shelved while I worked on other projects.  It does need more work to get the Business Economic system working, was thinking of going more accurate with real world data but it would be a lot of work and the renewable energy world is a fast moving thing with newer better/cheaper products constantly being developed.

Updated game the Free toggle now ensure Jobs are paid for in full if off or you get money from the energy they produce if on.


Should've added a better tutorial


This game is not a favorite. I like the idea, but it was executed poorly


What could be added to improve the game?

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i think my acount has been hacked because i did not say that


Why? What would make it better?