A kind of retro tribute to the original Limit's to Growth (1972) scientists.

Mouse Look (Very fiddly has bug)

Left Mouse Button to Interact

WASD move around room.

Made for Ludum Dare #38 Small World Theme.

Hint: Variables

FOOD.ADD - How much food is generated on a square.

FOOD.USE - How much food people use.

POLLUTE+ - The amount of pollution produced by people.

POLLUTE.RT - The rate of pollution reduction.

POP.INC - The population increase rate.

DIS.FOOD.L - The dissipation rate of food over land

DIS.FOOD.S - The dissipation rate of food over sea

DIS.FD.L/S - The dissipation rate of food between land and sea squares.

DIS.POLLUT - The dissipation rate of pollution.

N/A - Does nothing at all, honest.

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