MSG-PRI-01 > The enemy have overrun our position and have us surrounded. Fly the Xeewolf and we will make our last stand.

MSG-PRI-01 > GO! GO! GO!


The Xeewolf is an experimental stealth attack helicopter armed with AA missiles, rockets and a heavy 'smart' auto-cannon.

V Key Cycles through Camera Modes [Classic, Chase, Cockpit]

Seems to play best in full screen FireFox/Edge and worst in Chrome browser.

Development log


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Unplayable with lack of targeting and strange controls that doesn't feel like zeewolf at all. wasted potential.

The original Zeewolf did not have targeting, to my recollection.  Note the missiles and AA missiles do lock onto targets.  The controls attempt to match the original although sensitivity may vary depending on players mouse dpi.

Thanks for your input you could be more constructive with your criticism though.

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That's not true, the original game actually has auto targeting feature. You can see the target displayed on the UI when It's locked, and machine guns will automically aim that target. Only the rockets doesn't affected by this targeting system.

And about controls, it should be similar to Zarch's mouse controls and the helicopter slightly try to rise up when the helicopter is close to the ground.

Thanks for the feedback I will work on an update...

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Thanks, I didn't expect you'd update this game. With some tweaks in controls and targeting feature this game can actually be fun.

aside from the controls, The shadows should be more clear from high altitude so i can check the locations between the player and enemies. in a game with fixed camera shadows are important to get the direction.

Also the player should be able to repair / refuel / rearm by landing on the base.

You can probably add endless enemy waves for real survival with random enemy placements, and additional objectives like saving hostages for additional scores. There should be closing / opening landing gear feature for switching between flying / landing too.

If you improve it just more this game can be a great arcade helicopter game to waste some time. I'd keep playing it when it gets better.

Just tried the game in Chrome it is very unresponsive in Edge and Firefox it is at least responsive possibly too sensitive.